About US

About US

Who We Are

We are a group of many tech solution, driven by individual and companies passionate about taking technology to the next level.

The mission statement is to satisfy the ICT needs of both public and private institutions, other foreign institutions and private individuals in Ghana. This would be achieved through quality service delivery to our customers and make high quality ICT products available to our target Audience.
Our vision as a company is to become the leading ICT Company in Ghana and even over the boarders of Ghana.

How We Do It


We allow the client define the problem to us and the solution that best suits him(the client), be it online or offline related issues. There the solution comes as a task of us here at SelData Solution to accomplish.


Client is given the opportunity to bring out his creative ideas to be elaborated on, to get the perfect design that best the him(the client). This is so to make the idea of the client a reality, hence a satisfied client.


We at SelData takes into consideration what the client really wants, in terms of designs, concepts, numbers, funds, etc and start to build the dream of the client. This is to make the client feel comfortable in idea he has build and can manuver his way through it.


After we have Define the issue, found a Solution to it in terms of Design and the team completely Builds the deam into a reality, we dont leave it there, we now make it a reality by launching it out to serve it's purpose created, hence "Expanding Possibilities"